‘Shreevatsa’ – A special child care centre run by SOFOSH was established in the year 1973. Since its inception, it has been catering to the needs of the abandoned, orphaned little ones from our society. shreevatsaBabies relinquished by their single birth mothers are also offered shelter under this roof. Thus Shreevatsa offers a loving home and hope to family deprived children from the age of new born to 6 years.

Children here are well looked after and provided with healthy and nutritious food along with additional supplements whenever required to combat malnutrition. The medical need of each and every child is also the responsibility of the institution and this is shouldered by our able team of doctors and nurses. Therapy also forms an integral part of child care and thus we also impart speech therapy, massage therapy, play therapy etc. to the children as and when required.

A long term rehabilitation program for each child is worked out according to their individual needs. Most of these children are rehabilitated by placing them into adoption. The main aim of SOFOSH has always been to find a home for these children as institutional care cannot substitute family care.

Thus today SOFOSH is one of the pioneering adoption agencies in Pune.