Home Study Report

‘THE HOME STUDY REPORT’ is the key report on which on adoption is based. In depth interviewing is done by a trained said worker to understand if the emotional, physical, material and social environment is conducive to fulfilling the needs of vulnerable child.

This Home Study or Family Study IS NOT A JUDGEMENT about prospective adoptive parents. It is on interview based process which is designed to make PAP(s) aware of their own readiness to parent a child who is not born to them.

This relationship requires support & understanding from extended family members, friends and neighbors. Therefore letters of support and references may be sought from those who are closely connected with the PAPs. Interviews are highly confidential.

Follow up Reports

“The adoptive parents are required to submit follow up report of the adopted child in a prescribed format at an interval of every two months for the first two years and at an interval of every six months for the next five years to the following authorities:

  • The District Judge, Pune
  • Central Adoption Resource Agency, New Delhi

The report is about the progress of the child in terms of physical and mental  development, adjustment in the family and the social environment. It is imperative for the concerned agencies to know from time to time the progress and well being of the child. The report should also be supplemented by  the photos of the child.”