Child Rehabilitation

When we provide shelter to the children at our child care centre, we make sure that we also ensure their all round development. Their education is also taken care till we rehabilitate the children through adoption.

At Shreevatsa – our own nursery – the social workers along with volunteers help teach the children different songs, tell them stories. Children play various games, play with educational toys to enhance their mental development, enjoy drawing with crayons etc. A few older children even go to schools. Thus we make an effort from our side to give the best to the children.

Each and every child is provided with medical care by eminent doctors. The medical records, the milestones, the immunization schedule, etc of each and every child are maintained properly in a medical file. Special medical treatments of any particular child if needed are managed and supervised by our reputed doctors.

Child – Parent Reunion

As a policy SOFOSH gives first priority to rehabilitate the admitted child to its birth parents. Every effort is made to trace them through news paper notice and police and other means.

On several occasions it had been possible to locate the birth parents and reunion of the child with them had been possible. In many cases it had been possible to unite the unwed mother with perpetrator such that the child got its birth parents.