Patient guidance


The saga of social service began in the year 1964 when Society Of Friends Of Sassoon Hospital was formed by a few socially active people. Seeing the plight of the patients from deprived strata of the society its activities expanded in multitude. Today SOFOSH has appointed two trained honorary guides for this purpose and are posted at the very entrance of the hospital. They provide the required guidance to in coming patients and their relatives.


The honorary workers guide them to the appropriate department for carrying out necessary investigations. In a situation where financial assistance ie required the patients are directed even by the attending doctor to approach SOFOSH. After making necessary enquiries our Social worker finds out ways and means to help the patient in this respect. Where facilities do not exist in Sassoon investigations are carried out at other specialized labs/ hospitals at subsidized rates. Financial assistance is given in deserving cases.


1. Medication

Prescribed medicines are made available at concessional rates. In deserving cases part or entire cost is borne by SOFOSH.

2. Surgery

The word ‘operation’ from the doctor is enough to put off a patient on account of physical & financial implications. Our social worker plays an important part in counselling the patient as well as the relatives, gives them moral support pre and post-surgery and helps the patient with respect to medication etc.

3. Therapy

Certain types of diseases call for prolonged therapeutical treatment. A poor patient can hardly afford it. Our social worker gets into the act. She ascertains the plan of treatment, likely duration, availability of the treatment, costs involved etc. Find recourses / sponsor and helps the patient.

4. Prosthetic aids

Prosthetic aid is generally required for orthopaedic or burn- ward patients. These are provided by SOFOSH free of cost.

Nutrition Clinic

Every Saturday morning the Nutrition clinic is held in Shreevatsa. Patients suffering from HIV, T.B. etc. as well children who are malnourished need nutritional supplements. These are provided by SOFOSH as per doctor’s advice. A track record is maintained to assess improvement.


1. Support Group

Support group is an important activity conducted by SOFOSH especially for the patients of HIV/AIDS, Cancer, T.B., and Burns. They are in bad physical and mental state and are in dire need of support from family / society. Counselling from SOFOSH social worker has a stabilizing effect. Further, by joining the support group they meet people who are suffering from similar afflictions exchange their woes, problems and the ways to deal with them etc. Most importantly it helps reduce the feeling of ostracism. Besides it provides them the required solace and comfort and perhaps some solutions.

 2. Employment

Patient’s rehabilitation is of utmost importance to put him / her back into the main stream and make himself / herself supportive and independent. SOFOSH works towards this goal once the patient is out of the trauma and has recouped from the disease. SOFOSH uses all its resources and contacts to achieve this objective.


1. Individual

Individual counselling goes a long way to stabilize the patient. The patient is prepared to face the challenges of life with courage and fortitude.

2. Family & relatives

Counselling the family members is equally important for the early recovery of the patient, eradicate their ignorance and make them supportive to the patient, observe hygiene, if necessary subject themselves to tests and medication etc.

Help to Children

1. Educational Help

In many ways educational assistance is provided to the children who have either lost their parent(s) due to disease / accident /burns etc.

2. Material Help

Many times children require education material. SOFOSH has come forward to help the children with things like computers, cycles besides the regular help of books & notebooks etc.