How to go about it?

Adoption is an extremely sensitive issue but at the same time it is an equally courageous feat and an emotional experience, very difficult to put in words. Adoption is love, adoption is affection, adoption is security.  Adoption  is a ray of hope to an innocent life; it is a unique process of connecting little lives to an appropriate family, and giving them a secured home for the rest of their lives. It is equally a joyful and precious experience for the adoptive parents as well.

In technical terms Adoption is a legal process by which a couple can become parents of a child to whom they are not related by blood.

Since 2015, CARA ( Central Adoption Resource Authority) which is a Central Government authority,  has issued  its new guidelines to simplify the entire adoption process. The process is mostly on-line making it more parent friendly thus speeding up the entire process.Below is detailed process.

Step 1 : On-line Registration

  1. Visit website: and select the ‘Parents’ Optionregistration
  2. On clicking ‘Parents’ option, you will be required to select citizenship. According to PAPs (Prospective Adoptive Parents), it is necessary to select the citizenshipcitizenship
  3. If the option selected is ‘Resident Indian Parents’, then two options are seen. Select ‘New registering Parents’ newparent
  4. On selecting ‘New Registering Parents’, a new page showing ‘Eligibility Criteria will be shown. On the left, click on ‘Register Online’ Menu to start registering your profile.
  5. Enter all the information required, especially PAN details data
  6. Once you have registered successfully, the parents will receive an online acknowledgement letter containing the registration number, password and credential details. In case acknowledgement letter is misplaced, the same can be regenerated using the forgot password link available in the Track Status Page.
  7. Now again visit website: and select the ‘Parents’ Option
  8. Click on ‘Already Registered Parents’
  9. Sign-in to your account.

You have completed the first step.

 Step 2 : Uploading the Documents – Following is a list of Documents to be uploaded at the time of registration

  1. PAP’s own or family photograph
  2. Residence Proof
  3. Previous year income proof
  4. Marriage certificate & photograph
  5. Divorce decree / death certiifcate of spouse (If applicable)
  6. Birth certificate of both parents
  7. Parents medical certificate of fitness & health
  8. In case of a single parent, undertaking from a relative to take care of the child in case of mishap (death) or other unforeseen circumstances

Step 3 : Contacting the parents Sofosh team will contact the parents. The parents are required to submit hard copies of the documents to Sofosh Team

Step 4 : Home StudyHome study will be carried out by Sofosh team as early as possible. HSR (Home Study Report) will be uploaded on the CARA website

Step 5 : Parents will know about Babies. ‘Once the parents decide on the baby to be adopted’

  1. A meeting is organized by the concerned SAA (Specialized Adoption Agency). This meeting is between the parents, social worker from the SAA,  a doctor authorized by the SAA and the officer from the DCPU( District Child Protection Officer).  The purpose of this meeting is to find the suitability of the parents from the child’s point of view.
  2. After this meeting the parents can interact with the baby.
  3. Simultaneously the legal formalities are handled and taken care of by the concerned social worker.
  4. All the other formalities like court order, birth certificate etc. will be taken care of by the concerned SAA.

The above information is just a basic guideline to the entire procedure. For further detailed information the parents can refer the CARA website. Our social workers will need to interact with the parents throughout the procedure.  Co-operation from the adoptive parents is expected at all stages.

NRI/OCI/ Foreigner  living abroad OR OCI/ Foreigner  living in India- We request you to please refer to the CARA website for the procedure.