God’s Gift

It’s time to ring out the old and welcome the New Year
It’s time to cherish those wonderful memories we hold So dear.

So come join us on our journey of love
Where our efforts were rewarded with blessing from above

We built our sweet home with perseverance, patience and prayer,
All it needed now was a baby with whom our love We could share.

The medical tests and doctors confirmed our worst fears,
Knowing we could not be parents, we cried silent tears.

“Why us God”, I cried helplessly, “It’s not fair”.
“I have better plans for you, my child” said God, “Don’t despair”

Inspired by prayer we both made a firm resolution
Adopting a baby seemed to be the perfect solution

“Adoption is a big step”, warned friends, “How will you cope?”
An organization named SOFOSH eradicate all our doubts
And instilled in us a fresh hope

These social workers toil tireless on several such cases
They are the unsung heroes who bring smiles on
Thousands of faces.

So as the first decade of the 21st century draws to an end
With grateful daughter has dried our every tear
She has filled our home with laughter and good cheer.

Her radiant smile lights up every room,
Gone are the days of distress and gloom
Her innocent babbling and the warm hug that We receive,
Our little darling has given us a reason to live

So here’s a little advice that’s simple and true,
For those who are troubled, disheartened and feeling blue,

Lift your hearts in prayer when you know us what to do,
And God will work wonders for all of you.

Mrs. Sandra Dongrikar
Adoptive Mother