Activities – May 2019

Visit to Tribal (Adivasi) Museum

The month of May is the peak period of the summer vacation. Children relax and have leisurely time. Children at Shreevatsa are engaged in various enjoyable activities. In the first week of May 2019; children were taken to the tribal Museum. They were shown the various tribal musical instruments and tribal art.

Visit to Southern Command

The headquarters of Indian Army’s Southern Command is located in Pune Cantonment. The National War Memorial Southern Command which commemorates the sacrifice of soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces is also situated in the cantonment. Children visited the Southern command premises. The military officers were glad to receive Shreevatsa children there. The children were taken around and shown various warfare tanks and ammunition.

Visit to Phoenix Mall

The vacation was full of fun with visits to various places of entertainment. Children were taken to the Phoenix Mall where they enjoyed at the play junction.

Visit to Rajiv Gandhi Snake Park

Children enjoyed the day out at the Rajiv Gandhi Snake Park at Katraj- Pune. They saw animals, birds and many different species of snakes and reptiles.

Visit to Pu La Deshpande Park

Children were also taken to a park one evening along with their teachers and volunteers. Children enjoyed the summer evening outing and the open atmosphere of the park. Children were later taken to a theme garden too. Children had a good time wandering in the garden. They were shown various trees and their uses. They had a nice leisurely time gazing at the fountains.

Visit to Budhani Potato Wafer Factory

Mr. Arvind Budhani invited children from Shreevatsa to his potato wafers manufacturing factory. Children found it very interesting to see their favorite snack being made.