Activities – May 2018

Visit to the places of recreation and entertainment

The vacation was full of fun with visits to various places of entertainment. Children were taken to the Phoneix Mall where they enjoyed at the play junction.

Visit to a garden

Children were also taken to a park one evening along with their teachers and volunteers. Children enjoyed the summer evening outing and the open atmosphere of the park. Children were later taken to a theme garden too. Children had a good time wandering in the garden. They were shown various trees and their uses. They had a nice leisurely time gazing at the fountains.


Visit to a food joint

Bedekar Misal is a age old popular MISAL joint in Pune city. Children at Shreevatsa were lovingly invited by the owner of the restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. Bedekar ( the owner of the restaurant) are regular volunteers at Shreevatsa. Children were much exited to visit the Misal joint. A special non-spicy missal was prepared for the children. Volunteers and staff too enjoyed the misal.

Monthly Birthday Celebration

In the month of May, Monthly Birthday Celebration and mother’s day was celebrated together. We had Police women with us for the celebration.

Vacation Activities

Children had a lot of free time due to the vacation. Volunteers, staff and visitors kept the children busy by conducting various art and craft activities.