Activities – May 2017

Fun Activity

It was vacation time for the children at Shreevatsa. A lemon and spoon race was arranged for the children . The children then prepared lemon drink all by themselves .


 Aadivasi Museum

The children were taken to see the “Aadivasi Museum” in the Queen’s Garden. They got some information about the life of the Aadivasis and they enjoyed viewing the items displayed there.

Doll Wedding

The Doll wedding was the highlight of the vacation activities. The doll wedding was arranged for the kids at Shreevatsa. The children wore traditional clothes and danced in the  “Baarat”.



P.L Deshpande Garden

The children were taken to the  P. L Deshpande Garden in the evening. The children gleefully played on the lawns. They enjoyed the waterfalls. They were explained the importance of exercise and surya namaskar near the statues depicting various surya namskara poses.

Katraj Zoo

The children were astonished to look at animals in their natural habitat in the Katraj Zoo. The children enjoyed the lake side and had a lot of fun.

Railway Museum

Towards the end of the vacation the children were taken to the miniature railway museum.



Vacation  activity  at Shreevatsa