Activities – May 2016

Tara – It is a centre for specially abled children and is equipped with facilities like physiotherapy, water therapy, speech therapy, play therapy etc. A day spent in Tara is full of energy and action and the children enjoy & participate in the activities that we carry out for them.

1Tara foundation day was celebrated at Tara Centre, in Pimplale Gurav, on 14th May, 2016. A small musical program was arranged by the volunteers and was followed by lunch. The children enjoyed the day.




Shreevatsa – A special child care centre run by SOFOSH was established in the year 1973. Since its inception, it has been catering to the needs of the abandoned, orphaned little ones from our 2society. Babies relinquished by their single birth mothers are also offered shelter under this roof. Thus Shreevatsa offers a loving home and hope to family deprived children from the age of new born to 6 years.

A day full of activities was planned on the occasion of Mother’s Day by Mother’s Recipe. Children enjoyed the activities like drawing, crafts, tattooing followed by a delicious lunch.


3Doll weddings were arranged for kids to enjoy the fun.






Visit to Science Park – About 10 school going children from Shreevatsa were taken to the Science centre at Pimpri where they had an exciting experience of watching the 3D film.

They also had a chance to handle various equipment and explore them. It was a exciting time for the kids.


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Thallasemia Day

100_076570 children and their parents were present for the program. Doctors gave information about the disease and current treatments. Parents and older children shared their experiences.Gifts were distributed to the children along with snacks.