Activities – December 2019


There was a news of a Tara Child for his achievement in the International Olympiad exam in a leading newspaper. He stood 1st in his school and had 1269th rank in 16000 children PAN India.

Visit to the Zero Stone of Pune

There is a historic place from the British Era near Shreevatsa SOFOSH. It is the exact geographical location of the city as per the surveyors in the British times. It is located at the GPO of Pune. The children were taken inside the post office and explained about the functioning of the post office.

Christmas Celebrations

Pre- Christmas party were arranged for the children at the Little Monarch School, by Ms. Vaishali Bantiya. A grand party was arranged at Shreevatsa on the Christmas day by the volunteer team- SPARSH.

Monthly Birthdays

Monthly birthday was celebrated on the last Saturday of December. A fashion show was arranged, where children were beautifully dressed and made to walk on a ramp. The gathering applauded and enjoyed a lot!!