Activities – December 2016

Eid A Milad –

Eid was celebrated at Shreevatsa and the got to know about Eid Children enjoyed the meal of Kheer Puri.

eid2 eid


Dutta Jayanti

Children of Shreevatsa were taken to the Dutta Mandir in the Sassoon Hospital campus on the occasion of Dutta Jayanti.

datta Jayanti1 datta Jayanti2


Foster Care Party –

It was party time for children from Shreevatsa along with the volunteers and staff at Salisbury park ( Foster care center) on 16th December2016. Children presented a dance for the guests .Children were overjoyed to have Santa amongst them and happy to receive gifts.

fc1 fc2 fc3

Christmas Party

On Christmas day we had volunteers at Shreevasta – SOFOSH who decorated the play area.The children danced and had a merry time. Children were attracted by the Christmas tree and happy to have cake and sweets

cp1 cp2


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