Visiters to SOFOSH are highly impressed by the noble work being carried on for years relentlessly. The expanse of activities is ever increasing. People want to willingly extend their helping hand to be a part of the noble work, devote their time and effort. They enroll themselves as volunteers, work passionately.

Who is a Volunteer?

An individual, who on his /her own volition, selflessly offers services for a given cause, without expecting any consideration, monetary or otherwise.

Role of a Volunteer

  • To thoroughly understand the cause for which he /she has shown willingness to serve and is equally convinced about it.
  • Is genuinely interested to work towards the achievement of the desired objectives of the organization.
  • Acts as a link between the organization and the society at large.
  • To create public awareness about the objectives of the organization.
  • To propagate the lofty ideals and principles of the organization
  • To inform the society about the achievements and work done by the organization.
  • To liaise with other voluntary groups, organizations/bodies, to get more ideas/better working methods etc. in the field.
  • To help building a pool of volunteers, well wishers donors etc.
  • To help the organization in building records / statistical data.
  • To assist in carrying out surveys etc.
  • To liaise with Govt./Semi Govt.authorities, local bodies as per the requirement.
  • To collect donations for the organization, if authorized.
  • To assist the staff in their day-to-day activities as and when required.
  • To help mobilize resources.